Senior coaches youth volleyball

With a passion for both working with children and playing volleyball, one Wapakoneta senior has taken on a coaching role for a Wapakoneta sixth grade team.

Lyndsi Whitmore, 18, has been playing volleyball since seventh grade, and she said there is no end in sight for her volleyball career.

This year Lyndsi played on the Redskins volleyball team and on club team “Lava” in Lima.

She is looking forward to playing for Bluffton after she graduates this year. She will be starting her college career in early childhood education in the fall.

“I’ve been around little kids my whole life. I just love little kids, and I love helping them out,” Lyndsi said. “I just like being a role model to them.”

Along with working as a teacher, Lyndsi said she hopes to continue her coaching career in schools.

“That’s why I wanted to teach the kids,” Lyndsi said, noting how the coaching experience for the sixth graders has given her more interaction working with youth. “It’ll kind of give me a head start.”

For the full story, see the Thursday, April 24 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.