Senior to become teacher or study journalism

A local high school senior is currently undecided what to study in college, but he knows his passion for basketball may help guide him along the way.

Wapakoneta High School student Kaleb Page plans to attend Bowling Green State University this fall and is contemplating positions in education or journalism.

“I have a few ideas,” Page said of a career choice. “I’m thinking about possibly becoming an elementary or high school teacher or get into sports journalism or broadcasting.”

Page said his knowledge of sports will help him if he decides to take the journalism avenue.

“I watch SportsCenter a lot,” Page said. “I know a lot about sports. I have a passion for it, so it wouldn’t just be a job. It would be something fun to do.”

The avid Ohio State Buckeyes fan said his favorite sport to watch is college football followed closely by college basketball.

Page participated in basketball his freshman and sophomore years of high school, and was on the CYO basketball team through his church during his junior year of high school.

He and his friends occasionally practice their basketball skills at the Wapakoneta Family YMCA, and at his friend’s house, who has an indoor basketball hoop.

Page also is thinking about becoming a teacher because he said he likes to help people, especially at school.

“I think it would be interesting to teach people and help them out,” Page said, “and I would possibly coach basketball, too.”

When choosing Bowling Green State University, Page said that he felt like it would be a good place to be.

“It’s not as big as Ohio State (University) and I know a lot of people that go there,” Page said, “and I heard it was a good teaching school.”

The son of Lori and Jeremy Page said he will miss his friends the most when he goes away to college.

“I’ll miss being around all my friends,” Page said, “usually when you go away, you don’t see them as often.”

Page said he is close to a lot of people here, and it will be different going to a new place, where he does not know as many people, but Page is looking forward to meeting new people in college.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and breaking into new groups of friends,” Page said, “and finding what I’ll do for the rest of my life and learning more.”

As far as coming back to Wapakoneta after college or moving away, Page said he could go either way.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if I come back to the area,” Page said, “but I’m not afraid to branch out and go to other places.”

Page has two younger brothers, Bryce, 9, and Kaden, 4.