Senator to speak locally on SB5

The Auglaize County Patriots will host a town hall-style meeting to educate the public on Ohio’s Senate Bill 5.
At 7p.m. on Monday, State Sen. Cliff Hite will be in Wapakoneta at the Grand Plaza to educate the community on this new law and how it benefits that state of Ohio.
Hite, who served as a high school teacher and football coach at Findlay High School, was elected as a legislator to the Ohio House of Representatives before being appointed to fulfill the term of state Sen. Steve Buehler.
Hite also served on the state Education Committee during his terms in the House.
Questions are welcomed at this special meeting, as Hite will help the public fully understand this new law, and it means to the community, school district, county and state.
Senate Bill 5 requires that health care benefits provided to a management level public employee be the same as any health care benefits provided to other employees.
It also requires that the benefits must include hospitalization, surgical, major medical, dental, vision medical care, disability, hearing aids and prescription drugs.
This event is hosted so that the public can gain a better understanding of this new law, and everyone is welcome to attend.