Seeking public servants

The mayor of Wapakoneta intends to review rules for seating members on two commissions to expand the net from which to entice members as well as to take advantage of the expertise of individuals in the region.

Mayor Rodney Metz said he needs to fill one position each on two commissions — one on Wapakoneta City Waste Minimization Commission and one on the Wapakoneta City Tree Commission — but he wants to do some research before he submits names to serve.

“I have a couple of people interested in serving on the Waste Minimization Commission but they are still thinking about it so I think that is coming together well,” Metz said Sunday, the day prior to the Wapakoneta City Council meeting scheduled for 7:30 p.m. today. “For the Tree Commission, I plan to submit some rule changes or residency requirements  I want city council and City Law Director Denny Faller to review. I want to make it more suitable for outside help because I have a few folks who are very educated when it comes to the planting and the care of trees, but they don’t live within the city limits so that creates a problem.

“The ordinance also does not make any reference to Teen Green, which I think is a problem,” he said. “I also would like one of the Teen Green people on the Tree Commission.”

Teen Green is an organization that was created by Tree Commission President Scott Risner to introduce teenagers to the benefits of planting trees. It is an extension of the city Tree Commission.

Regarding the Tree Commission, city ordinance states three members shall be residents of the city and appointed by the mayor with the approval of the council. City councilors are responsible for one appointment to the commission, with the fifth member being the Electric Department superintendent.

The Tree Commission is responsible “to study, investigate, counsel, develop or update annually, and administer, a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets and in other public areas,” according to the city ordinance.

Nothing could be found in city ordinances regarding the city’s Waste Minimization Commission, although Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents the commission being formed in 1990.

The mayor said the other commissions and boards have no openings at this time.

To serve on the commissions and boards, Metz said an interested individual only needs to contact him, Safety-Service Director Bill Rains or a member of council.

“We are looking for people who have an interest in the responsibilities of the commission or board and who have a knowledge that would be helpful to the commission or board they would like to volunteer to serve in,” Metz said. “At this point in time, I am 80 percent sure the person has to live in the city for the Waste Minimization Commission, but we have areas we serve that lie outside the city.”

The mayor said he intends to get a clarification on the residency requirements for these boards and commissions.

At tonight’s council meeting, councilors are scheduled to hear the third reading and to vote to adopt an ordinance to levy special assessments for the improvement of East Benton Street from Water Street to the CSX railroad tracks for the installation of curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

Councilors are scheduled to hear the third reading and to vote to adopt an ordinance to vacate two alleys between 408 and 410 North Street.

Councilors are to hear the second reading of an ordinance authorizing the safety-service director to set specifications, advertise for bids and to execute a scrap tire paving program.

Councilors are to hear the second reading of the 2013 annual appropriations ordinance.

Councilors are to hear the first reading an ordinance authorizing a cooperative agreement for construction, maintenance and operation of a state wastewater project between the city of Wapakoneta and the Ohio Water Development Authority for a Long-Term Control Plan project.