Screenings prompts referrals

Auglaize County Health Department officials presented the number of children screened and subsequent referrals made after recent Help Me Grow screenings to Health Board members this week.

Help Me Grow Project Director Charlotte Axe reported they screened approximately 80 children, 50 of which were in Wapakoneta.

Looking at areas of general health including hearing, vision, feet and ankle, gross motor, fine motor, speech, general knowledge and dental for preschoolers and general health for older youth, the report showed more than half of the children in attendance were referred for further assistance in specific areas.

Parents could choose which stations their children were seen at and to have information released to their physicians.

Volunteers from the community assist by offering the annual program free of charge to parents, who may be curious about how their children are developing compared to others their age.

In addition to referrals, Health Department personnel also suggest developmental activities to assist children struggling in specific areas.

“It gives parents a lot of awareness,” Axe said. “If they don’t see improvements, they can call us.”

Axe said the screenings are an effort to help children have access to the services they may need.

In other business, board members approved a revised contract for epidemiological services.

Auglaize County has contracted with Allen, Mercer and Van Wert counties for five years but changes in positions and requirements now will have just Auglaize, Mercer and Van Wert sharing a position for a smaller part-time cost and with supervision from Allen County at no charge.

Board members also approved a Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) grant application for 2013 for $140,653.

The amount is the same as the Health Department is receiving this year but some additional funds that were cut are expected to be restored back to the grant’s funding for the department this year.

In other business, board members approved:

• after three readings, increasing the local portion of the vending license fee by 3 percent or 76 cents.

• issuing a 14-day order to submit application with appropriate fees to Tastee Treat, in St. Marys, for failure to obtain a 2012-13 Food Service Operation license by the required deadline of March 1.Tastee Treat is the only food service operation in the county not to have obtained its license yet.

• issuing a 14-day order for failure to vaccinate a biting dog for rabies to James Diem, 206 E. Ohio St., Waynesfield. Attempts by Health Department personnel to reach Diem have been unsuccessful.  

• renewing a contract with OB-GYN Specialists of Lima from women’s health medical director services at a rate of $5,000, the same as it has been for 10 years.

• payment of annual liability insurance premium of approximately $10,040 to Public Entities Pool of Ohio.

• the resignation of Lori Koenig as a WIC clerical specialist effective April 4 and the hiring of Laura McClellon as a WIC clerical specialist effective April 2 at a rate of $11.50 an hour.