Schools raising money with cards

For those wanting to support Wapakoneta City Schools, they need only to purchase groceries at Kroger with a special card.
To start, those interested purchase a gift card from the school district for $1. Money can be continuously reloaded onto the card.
The card is initially loaded with $1 by the district, so the purchaser automatically gets her dollar back the first time the card is used. The purchaser can then go to the customer service desk at Kroger before checking out and can reload however much she plans to spend or a monthly grocery budget onto the card. By purchasing groceries through this program, Wapakoneta City Schools gains a percentage of the sale, Wapakoneta Schools Superintendent Keith
Horner explained.
The cards are good for any purchase in the store.
Wapakoneta City Schools Treasurer Susan Rinehart heard about the idea from officials with New Knoxville Schools and it has worked well for them, so she decided to give it a try here.
“We know people go grocery shopping and if they are going to shop there anyway, this is something they can do to help that doesn’t cost them anything,” Rinehart said. “We get 4 cents for every $1 they spend. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up.”
The program is just starting in the district with cards available at the board office on Gardenia Drive now but in the future they are expected to be available for purchase at each of the schools and at games or other special events.
“I’m just trying to come up with anything I can to get rewards for the schools,” Rinehart said.
The cards can continue to be reloaded in support of Wapakoneta City Schools for an indefinite amount of time.
“You can keep putting money on it every time you go,” Rinehart said.
She said money generated through the cards is to be put toward operating expenses.
“We thought about designating it for something specific, but we wanted it to be available as needs arise,” Rinehart said. “It will all be used for instructional purposes.”