Santa makes stop

There was a line of children as long as the street to see the crowd favorite at Saturday’s Children’s Hometown Holiday in downtown Wapakoneta. Santa Claus and his helpers from the Octagon Club sat outside the courthouse on Willipie Street, waiting to hear every boy and girl’s wish for Christmas. There were elaborate requests with many toys and simpler ones for just the children’s favorite treat.
Brooklyn Snyder, 8, and her older sister Morgan, 10, each wanted the exact same thing.
“I want a Monster High Doll,” Brooklyn said. “I want it to play with.”
Morgan echoed her sister’s request for the doll.
“I like to collect them and put them all together.”
Trevor Crisp, 7, also had one main request. “I asked for a monster truck,” he said.
When asked why, he gave a simple explanation.
“To roll up and down the hallway,” he said.
Each of the children had different reasons they enjoyed the Children’s Hometown Holiday event this weekend.
“It’s fun because I get to see my friends,” Brooklyn said.
Morgan enjoyed getting all the treats from the downtown businesses and her favorite characters. Her favorite?
“The M&Ms,” she said with a smile.
Trevor, who said that it did not feel cold outside to him, was looking forward to the children’s movie at Wapa Theatre. “I get to watch Frozen if they have it.”