Safety issues

CRIDERSVILLE — Resident safety and property concerns were brought to Cridersville Village Council members’ attention on Monday.
Cridersville Police Chief John Drake requested Cridersville Village Council members schedule a Safety and Street Committee meeting to discuss a concern regarding the semi-trucks driving down Carlisle Street to the lumber yard.
The issue was brought to his attention by Cridersville resident Donna Brossman, who said the trucks have been speeding and causing property damage. She brought photographs to councilors’ attention of the damage the trucks have been inflicting near her house. 
“They cut up my yard, they run through the stop sign, they go over the sidewalk — it cost the city a lot of money to put that sidewalk in,” Brossman said. 
Her concern was not only for the property, but her safety as well. 
“Some day they are going to roll,” Brossman said. “I just hope they don’t run down my house.”
Safety and Street Committee members scheduled a meeting for 7 p.m., Oct. 24 to discuss further action. 
While discussing traffic concerns, Mayor Lorali Myers said she has seen an excessive amount of speeding vehicles entering Cridersville on Reicheldefer Road. She recalled one vehicle she estimated was traveling 50 mph coming up to the stop sign. The street is posted 25 mph.
“I don’t want the blood on my hands because we didn’t stop this,” Myers said. “We need to slow the traffic down on Reicheldefer Road.”
Councilors and Drake discussed the possibility of keeping police cruisers on the road to keep an eye on reckless motorists. 
“I hope council supports me on this,” Myers said. “We want what’s best for our community.”