Residents reminded of scams

Area residents are being reminded to be on alert for common scams associated with the warm weather season.

Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon issued a warning to residents this week.

“Typically, in this season, we receive complaints where citizens are victims of fraudulent repairs to the home,” Solomon said.

He said the repair scams often involve spouting, tree trimming, house or barn painting, asphalt driveway resurfacing, or lightening rod replacement.

“The fraudulent repairs consist of substandard or non-existent work being done,” Solomon said. “The victim is often not aware of the fraud until after the contractor is paid and long gone.”

Deputies have already received reports that people are in the area attempting these types of scams.

The sheriff said residents also should be concerned about people showing up at the door offering their services, when their real intent is to look around the property to see what valuables are present only to return later when the resident is not home to steal the items.

“In the past, this scam has been prevalent with persons posing as antique dealers offering to buy valuable items from the resident,” Solomon said. “There are many local and area firms which do provide these reputable services. Be suspicious of door-to-door vendors, which have no connections to this area.”

He advised residents to not rush into making a decision based on price discounts and not to pay money up front to businesses that have no physical address or connection to the area.

“Obtain an estimate and contact the Better Business Bureau and-or your local law enforcement agency to check if the business is legitimate or reputable,” Solomon said.