Residents react to election results

Bob Tomaszewski
Staff Writer

Auglaize County residents were not surprised by either local or national election results Tuesday, even though residents had mixed positions on those results. Several residents called for one side or both sides to play nice and to get things done in Congress.

At the Cloud Nine Cafe, John Johns of Wapakoneta said, “I don’t think the blue wave happened quite as much, because usually after a midterm election after a presidential election the opposite party of the president picks up like 60 seats; what did they pick up. I don’t even know. They lost three in the senate. It wasn’t a blue wave, it was more evened out. I am just hoping that the House doesn’t try to go and investigate Trump. We need things to happen in the U.S. We don’t need more drama.”

VFW Post Commander Delmar Merricle agrees.

“Democrats should leave him alone. They should go and do their jobs that they are not doing right now. For two years they have not done it. We need a border, and how about homeless veterans in the United States? I could take you 100 miles from here and show you all kinds of homeless veterans, and they don’t want to hear about that,” he added. “They need to do the proper things and not go on a witch hunt.”

Residents were not in agreement on Issue 1, a constitutional amendment that looked to reform sentencing and treatment options for addicts, and those charged with drug possession. The issue failed to pass with 63.4 percent against the measure.

“Issue 1 should have never been brought up,” Merricle said.

Others were...

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