Resident wins award for masonry work

Wapakoneta resident Mike Barbee has been doing construction his whole life. In high school he made money by working on patios and landscape and helping his dad work around the house. Barbee, who grew up in southeastern Ohio, said he has been using tools his whole life.
“We were one of those families that never hired anyone to fix things around the house,” he said. “We did it ourselves.”
The hard work has paid off in more than one way for Barbee. Not only has he worked his way up to working with central-Ohio construction company Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc., he was also selected for the Craftsmanship Award from the Builders Exchange of Central Ohio (BX).
BX selected Barbee for his work during the replacement of terra-cotta and renovation of sculptures at the LeVeque Tower in Columbus.
For Barbee, working on such a historic building in Columbus makes him proud.
“Columbus is like a second home to me,” he said. “I have worked there for 15 years.”
The LeVeque Tower is the second tallest building in Columbus, and at the time it was complete in 1927, was the fifth tallest building in the United States.
For more information, see the Friday, Dec. 6 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.