Republican incumbent faces Dem’s challenger

Republican incumbent Christina Lambert is facing Democrat challenger Anne Hamilton on the Nov. 6 ballot for the position of Auglaize County recorder.
Both women are making their first attempt at an elected office.
Lambert, who has been serving in the position since Aug. 1, 2011, is seeking her first election to the officer after Ann Billings retired.
Lambert, 50, lives in Wapakoneta with her husband, Bill Lambert, and they have two grown children. She had worked in the Recorder’s Office for 30 years before officially being appointed to the position.
“I am not ready to retire yet, and the opportunity arose for me to continue here,” Lambert said. “That was why I accepted the position.”
Lambert said her experience in the office has allowed her to continue running the office efficiently without any interruptions.
“I definitely have the experience,” Lambert said. “I know how the office runs and it runs smoothly. We would like to keep it running like it is.”
Lambert said county residents seem happy with the operation of the office and she felt she could continue that outlook.
“I have experience and we have generally got along with everyone who comes in and needs our services,” Lambert said. “We keep records on the Internet and it has kept the public happy. We have abstract records as well as a computer system and our attorneys seem to like the system. We would like to keep things running smoothly.”
Hamilton, who lives in New Bremen and has three grown children, is a member of the Auglaize County Executive Committee and serves with Military Public Services in the community.
Hamilton, who is a long-time resident of the community, said she felt she had the experience for the position.
“I raised my family here and I wanted to serve my community,” Hamilton said. “It serves an important function in the community and it is important to have trust and confidence. I want to help the Auglaize County community and make the office more efficient.”
Hamilton has an associate’s degree in office administration and a bachelor’s degree in management. She has five years experience in both paper and electronic record keeping and felt that experience, along with her excellent customer relation skills, would make her a good pick for the position.
“I encourage open communication with customers so they can be better served,” Hamilton said. “I can offer a sophisticated, energetic perspective to the position that is hallmarked by leadership skills. I would focus on the customer so visits are done in a friendly, efficient, cost-effective manner.”
Hamilton said she would wants to take the Recorder’s Office to the next level of service.