Redskins shut out: Girls soccer loses to St. Marys 4-0


WAPAKONETA — The St. Marys Roughriders rode a second-half backwind in route to a 4-0 victory of the Wapakoneta Redskins.

Varsity girls soccer coach Paul Dingledine said that he knew the wind was going to play a factor in the contest, and whichever team had it behind them was playing with an advantage.

“The wind played a factor, we were hoping to win the coin flip in the first half, but they took that, we were fighting the wind the whole first half, then it pretty much died down at halftime,” Dingledine said. “It became a pretty evenly matched game.”

Wapakoneta varsity girls soccer coach Ross Kantner agreed, and said his team needed to to take advantage in the first half, and not forfeit two goals.

“We knew that when we got the wind in the first half, we’d have to play a little bout more long-ball and take advantage. We knew in the second half, that they would use the wind in their advantage,” Kantner said.

St. Mary’s scored two first-half goals with the wind in its face.

“They had some opportunities, we had some opportunities, we just took care of the things we needed to do,” Dingledine said.

Molly Albert had two goals on the game for St. Marys. Kelly Heitkamp and Skylar Liming each added one goal to bring the Roughrider total to four.

St. Marys goalkeeper Paige Dicus was not challenged very much on the night, and actually did not have to record a save, as Wapakoneta recorded zero shots on target.

St. Marys had 12 shots on target, and the Redskin combination of Sara Foor and Mikayla Halfhill had eight saves.

Kantner said the team chemistry his team is showing, and the passion as a unit is disappointing.

“From a team personality, I don’t think we have 100 percent buy-in what we’re trying to do. I think we’ve got some kids putting their hearts on the line, I just don’t think we have everybody going at it. That’s a little disappointing at this point in the season,” Kantner said. “You see some kids just putting it out there, and some other kids that are just kind of there.”

Dingledine said Wapakoneta has talent on the field, and that it had its chance, but injuries have hurt both squads.

“Sara (Warner) is definitely a strong girl, she seems to be their go-to person. Injuries have just been devastating here. We’ve had some injuries. So hopefully Wapak can get their girls back, and we can get ours back and we can have a good tournament run,” Dingledine said.

Thursday, Wapakoneta travels to Van Wert and St. Marys travels to Ottawa-Glandorf.