Readmore in Wapak shuts its doors Wednesday

The Readmore Hallmark store was being packed up and cleaned out on their last day of business on Wednesday.
The Readmore Hallmark’s last day was Wednesday, as they had a 75 percent off sale on the remaining items throughout the store on Willipie Street in Wapakoneta.
Owner Steve Brunner, of Lima, announced in February that the Wapakoneta Readmore Hallmark would be closing.
After the Wal-Mart Supercenter opened in the city, business changed for the worse, Brunner claimed.
“When Wal-Mart came in, we lost a quarter of our business and it never came back,” Brunner said.
Brunner, who also owns seven other Hallmark stores around the area, ranging from Findlay to Piqua, said the local store has been in business for approximately 35 years.
There are two Hallmark stores, one in St. Marys and one in Lima, to help serve the Wapakoneta area after the closing.
As employees boxed items and crews tore down display cases, Brunner talked about the positives of the business.
“We have had supportive landlords over the years, Don Klock and Robert Wiesenmayer,” Brunner said.
He said that they are both big supporters of downtown and of the store.
“It’s not like it fell apart this year,” Brunner said. “We stayed as long as we could. It’s always hard to close a store.”
Regional Manager Kim Michael said that she hates to see privately owned businesses shut down, while she was helping to pack up the store on Wednesday.
“I hate to see any business shut down,” Michael said. “I feel like we need to support local businesses.”
Wapakoneta Readmore Manager Ann Bryan, who has been working at the store for 25 years and 17 of those years she has been the manager, worked with employees to pack up the last of the items in the store in boxes Wednesday to be shipped to other Hallmark stores in the area.
Brunner said he is thankful for the customers and for the staff that stayed until the very end.
“It’s just pretty cut and dry,” Brunner said. “If we don’t have the sales, we can’t stay open.”