Racing, science spark interest of WMS student

A love for cars and science may lead a local middle school student to his future career.

Wapakoneta Middle School sixth-grader Jenson Tabler said he enjoys learning in one class in particular.

“I just like learning it,” Tabler said of his science class.

He said they recently did an experiment with cars, while they were learning about heat energy.

“We were seeing how far it (the car) would go,” Tabler said. “We were learning about kinetic and potential energy.”

Tabler said he either wants to be a race car driver or inventor one day.

“I like science,” the son of Stacy and John Tabler said. “I would like to create new things.”

Other than science, Tabler’s favorite part of the day is lunch.

“I like lunch because we are done learning right then,” Tabler said. “It’s a break from learning.”

Tabler also has a love for cars, and enjoys watching NASCAR with his father.

“Me and my dad go to Buffalo Wild Wings and I get wings and watch NASCAR up there,” Tabler said.

While he does not have a favorite driver, he enjoys watching them all race.

After high school, Tabler said he wants to go to either Bowling Green State University or The Ohio State University.

“I’m thinking about going to Bowling Green because its close enough and its a good school,” Tabler said, “Or OSU, It’s close and a good school.”

Tabler enjoys watching Ohio State Buckeyes football games and is also a Cincinnati Bengals football and Cincinnati Reds baseball fan.

This past summer, Tabler watched a Cincinnati Reds game with his parents and sister, Gwen, who is a Wapakoneta High School freshman.

“I almost caught a foul ball,” Tabler said.

He said he would like to go to a Bengals game sometime in the future.

In his spare time, Tabler likes to play with his dogs, Rocco and Charlie.

“We found him (Rocco) in a pile of rocks at my dad’s work,” Tabler said of Rocco. “We thought he was black, but we gave him a bath and found out he is brown.”

Rocco is a pit bull and Charlie is a German shepherd.

Tabler also enjoys hanging out with friends and going to the movies, having Nerf gun wars and playing video games.

Tabler recently celebrated his 12th birthday last week, and said he was not sure what he was getting for the special occasion but says he will be having a birthday party.

“My mom just asked what I wanted and writes it down,” Tabler said.

He is still thinking of things he wants to add to his Christmas list.

Tabler noted that Christmas is his favorite holiday.

“Because we get the most time off and get to see family members again,” Tabler said.

He said he has two cousins serving in the Army, and he does not get to see them often.

On Christmas Day, Tabler will be going to his grandparents, on his father’s side, and will be celebrating the holiday with family.