Quarantine fee set

A quarantine fee has been established for animals that need to be housed by the local dog warden after biting someone.

Auglaize County Dog Warden Russ Bailey said it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes after a dog bites someone and it is required to be kept quarantined for 10 days, the owner doesn’t want to or can’t keep the dog during that time.

Bailey said he can keep the dog while they wait the time length required by the Auglaize County Health Department to check for signs of rabies or distemper but they also incur some costs in doing so. The new fee is expected to help cover those.

“We’ve had a couple who wanted us to do this and while it is your dog and your responsibility, some owners can’t or don’t want to do it,” Bailey said. “We will do it, but we need to charge a fee for the man hours, food, etc., we put into caring for the dog during that time period.”

He said the $10 per day charge isn’t a lot but still covers all costs involved in taking care of the dog.

After the 10th day of quarantine or by the subsequent work day, as determined by the dog warden, the animal is to be examined for symptoms of rabies by the dog warden and a representative of the Health Department. Once the dog’s owner presents a copy of the vaccination records, the animal may be removed from quarantine if it shows no signs of disease.