Putting on a show: Local WHS students show off talent

Singing, piano solos and guitar ballads filled the Wapakoneta Performing Arts Center as local youth showcased their talent to the public on Saturday.
Wapakoneta High School freshmen through seniors performed this weekend during the Redskin Revue, a high school talent show, held at the Wapakoneta High School. The performers could perform any act they wanted.
Approximately 20 performances were given, including singing songs by Adele, playing the piano to a Kelly Clarkson hit song and strumming the guitar to a Christina Perri tune.
Wapakoneta High School Choral and Theatre Director Todd Christopher discussed the main purpose of the show being to showcase the talent of the students, and his goal is to bring this show back and make it an annual event each year.
“I love to give kids a place to be showcased,” Christopher said. “They don’t have to be in the choir program to perform. I just want to give kids a chance to perform and have a wonderful time.”
Senior Kelsey Barrett said she was excited to perform at the Redskin Revue, simply because she loves to perform.
“I’m looking at schools for music theatre, so this is just more practice,” the 18-year-old said, prior to her performance.
Barrett sang “Make You Feel My Love,” by Adele, as her solo for the show.
In addition to the talent show, Wapakoneta High School Singsation made their first local performance following the talent portion, and Barrett had two solos in the group’s performance, including singing “Rolling in the Deep” and “Bleeding Love.”
Barrett said she was excited to perform on Saturday, because this gave her a chance to sing for the community where she lives and to the people she knows.
“It’s neat because when I sing on stage, it’s usually not for anyone around here,” Barrett said.
This show gave her the opportunity to showcase her talent to her community.
In addition, Barrett enjoys performing with Singsation, because she gets to sing and dance with people she has grown up with.
“We learn to work as a team,” Barrett said. “It’s a pretty big group this year.”
Senior Sarah Lawrence also had two solos in the Singsation performance, including “Love is a Battlefield/Mercy,” and “Love Can Move Mountains.” She also sang a solo in the talent portion of the show, which was “Landslide,” a song made popular by the Dixie Chicks and Fleetwood Mac.
“I like doing this because you get to show off a talent,” Lawrence said. “Not a lot of people know I can sing because I’m more of an athlete.”
The soccer player and swimmer said she loves to perform, and always knew she wanted to be apart of Singsation, ever since she watched her older sister, Jennifer Lawrence, perform with the group.
Barrett and Lawrence agreed that being apart of the Singsation is a lot of fun.
“You meet so many new people,” Barrett said.
“We are like one big happy family,” Lawrence said. “It’s a home away from home.”