Public-private tournaments split on hold

From staff reports

Despite a strong movement the past two years to do so, an expected vote to separate tournaments between public and non-public high schools in Ohio will not take place next May, as most previously thought.

No petitions to place referendum items up for vote were received by the Ohio High School Athletic Association in advance of its Monday deadline, according to several media reports Tuesday.

The OHSAA confirmed in a Twitter post late Tuesday night it had not received any petitions.

Any petitions submitted would have been placed on the OHSAA’s ballot next May, when member schools could have cast votes.

The OHSAA was likely expecting to receive a petition calling for a separation of postseason tournaments between public and non-public schools in Ohio.

In October, OHSAA Commissioner Dan Ross sent a memo to member schools publicly stating opposition to tournament separation and urging schools not sign a petition circulating throughout the state to place the separation of tournaments up for vote in May.