Protocols, weather top council discussion

On a bitterly cold Monday evening, Wapakoneta City Council met to conduct regular business, but the main concern remains the weather.

The first order of business was welcoming Rachel Barber to council. No stranger to council, Barber sparked discussion with a question on why details of the various ordnances weren’t provided.

While the information is available from the departments tied to an ordnance, First Ward Councilman James Neumeier suggested that including the specifics of an ordnance should be added to council’s protocol.

Mayor Rodney Metz provided highlights of his activities, including participation in various planning meetings and calling a special council meeting to pass emergency legislation dealing with city finance and showing support to Wapak Village for their remodeling proposal.

With trash collection thwarted by the weather, Safety and Service Director William Rains said the city would attempt collection today. But with the continuing cold, he said that might not be possible. Rains also said it is possible recycling collection may also be postponed Wednesday. Given the two recent Wednesday holidays, Rains noted that it would be the third postponement of Wednesday collections.

Rains also said the city is beginning discussion on establishing protocols to deal with weather extremes. Suggestions include emergency levels, snow routes and other procedures to maintain safety. Rains emphasized that the discussions are in the very early stages and more work needs to be done on this. He also stated that salt and beet juice will not work in the extreme cold the city is experiencing and will be trying to spread grit and some of the busier intersections to see if that works.

In other business, Fourth Ward Councilman Chad Doll was selected to represent the city on the Wapakoneta Area Economic Development Council.