Progress made on downed light

Staff Writer

The stoplight at the intersection of State Routes 198 and 501, and Hamilton Rd. was replaced on Monday afternoon, and should be partially operational by Wednesday morning.

While the intersection will not immediately return to its full function, the lights will flash red, and the intersection will continue to operate as a four way stop.

According to Chad Scott, the Wapakoneta Safety-Services Director, there are still several issues preventing a return to normalcy.

When the maintenance vehicle owned by Harrod Nagel Electric pulled down the light, a wooden support post was splintered, damaging wiring running through a conduit on the pole.

The post and lights have since been replaced, but the wiring is still being evaluated by the city, and is the main obstacle between the current situation and a fully functioning stoplight. Some wires are no longer functioning and need to be replaced to fully power the lights.

A final cost has yet to be calculated. Scott and the city should have a better idea of a final total once the wiring and electric work is fully evaluated.

The signal was pulled down last Thursday afternoon, closing the intersection until Thursday evening, once the debris was cleared.