Primary draws closer

Doug SpencerPat McGowan
Deb Zwez

It would seem both candidates are finding their patience tested as Election Day draws nearer, if Monday’s debate is anything to go on.

Hosted by students in the Youth In Government program at Wapakoneta High School, the matchup between Doug Spencer, incumbent, and Pat McGowan, challenger in the race for Auglaize County commissioner was peppered with snipes about experience, knowledge and inside information.

The YIG students prepared the questions, whichwere asked in a round robin format. While time limits were part of the rules, the candidate’s answers and rebuttals often exceeded the allotted time.

Spencer said his top three goals if re-elected include continuing fiscal responsibility, as the commissioners are responsible for budgeting and appropriating revenues to ensure county services are provided; continuing the upgrades and improvements to the Neil Armstrong Airport, and establishing additional savings to save for capital projects, including new facilities for the health department and agriculture services.

McGowan agreed budgeting and appropriating funds are important but is not as...

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