Post holiday spree

With all Christmas items marked down 50 percent at Wal-Mart, many shoppers were out hunting for deals.

Carts were filled with wrapping paper, ornaments, Christmas cards, candy and gift sets, all of which were marked down or on the clearance shelves.

Terry Stahler of Wapakoneta said she typically does some shopping after Christmas because she has a large family and everyone has places to be on Christmas day. She also likes the Christmas items on sale.

"Christmasy stuff that's clearance, gift sets and stuff like that, that's a good deal," Stahler said.

Jennifer Shonk of Wapakoneta agrees and said she always shops after Christmas for sales.

"I look for Christmas ornaments, decorations, if I kind find good bath sets and things like that that's what I purchase," Shonk said.

Shonk likes to purchase the bath sets on sale for her family to use throughout the year.

Colleen Winner of the Jackson Center area usually shops after Christmas as well.

"I mainly shop for wrapping paper and that I can use next year," Winner said.

Winner said she saves whatever she gets for the next year, and just enjoys good deals.

Stahler said regular items like toys are usually set at their regular prices.

"Generally speaking, I think retailers keep their prices regular after Christmas because they think people have gift cards, and they're going to spend their gift cards," Stahler said. "So they don't have good sales, the good sales are before Christmas."

Shonk said she really likes how Wal-Mart puts everything together.

"They move everything together and it just makes it easier to find," Shonk said.

Stahler said post holiday sales seem to save a lot of money and she shops for holiday deals every year, no matter what holiday it is.

"I usually shop for any holiday sales, like after Halloween I shop the day after Halloween for candy and stuff like that," Stahler said. "You get more treats that you wouldn't normally spend the money on."