Police investigate stabbing

Wapakoneta police officers are investigating a domestic violence situation, which involved a stabbing.

Wapakoneta Police Chief Russ Hunlock said that an 18-year-old female called for assistance shortly before 9:40 a.m. Sunday after an argument escalated  at the apartment she shares with her boyfriend on Edgebrook Drive.

The woman, who suffered minor injuries according to the police officer’s report, called concerned about events that transpired after she yielded a steak knife in her defense, the police chief said.

“The female did have a steak knife with her when the male came after her and she put the knife up,” Hunlock told the Wapakoneta Daily News. “She thought she stabbed him in the chest, but she is unsure if she hurt him.”

Hunlock said the woman dropped the knife after believing she stabbed her 20-year-old boyfriend and a physical altercation continued. It was at that point, that she called the police for assistance.

Hunlock said there were no signs of blood on the knife or in the apartment from the struggle.

While en route to the scene, the male, whose name is not being released as he has not yet been located, left on foot.

Hunlock said the male is on the run and that he called the department after the incident saying he believed officers were looking for him but then he hung up.

Hunlock said he believed the male had not been badly hurt and that she had yielded the knife as she was “obviously scared of him.”

The situation had begun with an argument the night before and resumed when the male returned to the apartment Sunday morning.