Pie is perfect to celebrate Pi Day

Students enjoy pie Wednesday during Pi Day at Wapakoneta Middle School amid studies focusing on the math constant π, or 3.14.
Staff Writer

Seventh graders at Wapakoneta Middle School took a big slice out of fulfilling this year's math requirements on Wednesday, and the students were able to do it with a bit more flavor than a normal day in the classroom.

All seventh graders are introduced to the mathematical figure of pi (π) as part of curriculum standards, but teacher Laura Folger and the rest of the math department want to make the experience a memorable one for students each year.

Pi is a mathematical constant with a value of approximately 3.14, and is the ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter. Every year, on March 14 (3/14), the world celebrates Pi Day, and Wapakoneta Middle School joins in with activities and a very appropriate treat.

"I get so excited for Pi Day every year. We've been talking about it for probably the last week. They have a project they're working on, they could make t-shirts, posters," Folger said. "And we have tons of pies that students brought in."

The activities and the following feast are meant to...

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