Persuasive gas company attempts to sway customers

Wapakoneta Safety-Service Director Bill Rains has brought attention to the fact that a gas supplier has been calling residents and using "high-pressure tactics" to get them to change their gas supplier.

“We want to make our people aware, our citizens aware, that they do not have to listen to that," Rains said.

Rains explained residents can get a plethora of information on gas rates from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio website, The website provides good comparisons on rates.

According to Rains, this gas supplier, which cannot be named, is targeting some of the older citizens in Wapakoneta and are becoming very aggressive in their calls.

"This company is certainly entitled to call, but they do not have to bow to that high pressure sales pitch," Rains said. "If they have a problem, have them call the city and we will give them as much assistance as we can."

Rains wants community members to understand that the rates this gas supplier is offering are not better than the rates the city offers, and residents do face penalties when switching suppliers.

"They're trying to pressure them into changing," Rains said. "It's not a good thing."