Part-time teachers hired

Two part-time teachers were hired by Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education members during an organizational meeting this week.

Nikki Barger was hired for 2.75 hours per day to teach computer literacy at Wapakoneta Middle School. Barger, who has a master’s degree, is to be paid approximately $6,690, step zero on the salary schedule.

Joyce Salsbury was hired for 2.75 hours per day to teach eighth-grade English at Wapakoneta High School. Her pay rate is to be approximately $7,870. She has a master’s degree plus 18 years and is at step zero on the salary schedule.

Superintendent Keith Horner said previously, a long-term substitute had been teaching in the positions.

“Based upon the talent out there, we decided to divide the part-time position up,” Horner said.

He said the district is filling positions on a “case-by-case” basis as the situation fits.

“This case, it fit nicely,” Horner said. “It’s something we have done in the past that has moved on to the forefront of our thinking.”

He noted the reason for the option being considered more is because of the financial savings for

the district to hire more employees part-time, which doesn’t require the district to pay the the same benefits costs as a full-time position would.

Director of Instruction Julie Miars Golden was recognized upon her retirement, to be effective Jan. 31. Her plans for retirement were announced last summer, allowing for extra time to make plans to fill her position, which is to be distributed among other staff members.

Horner has described Golden’s impact as tremendous and across several different areas.

Golden, who was hired into the district in 1992, served as an assistant principal and principal before becoming director of instruction in 2001.

Horner said many of Golden’s jobs go unseen, but include work with federal grants, personnel issues, curriculum alignment, and ensuring compliance with the state. A list of her actual duties is several pages long.

Board members also approved a supplemental contract for Dennis Kratzer as assistant show choir director at a salary of approximately $2,215.

Horner said while the position is not a new supplemental, it was not always filled and was not filled last year.

“When we look at the needs of the music department and with the elimination of a music teacher, this is one small way to invest in the arts financially and provide musical support for the (show choir) director,” Horner said.

Kratzer has been working with Wapakoneta High School’s new show choir director Tim Smith.

As part of the board’s reorganizational meeting, Eric McKinniss, who has served on the board since 2008, was named the new board president, with Pat Gibson to serve as vice president. McKinniss’s bond was set at $20,000 for 2013.

A service fund, not to exceed 75 cents per student enrolled or $7,500, whichever is greater, was established at $7,500. Authorization also was given to the treasurer to invest funds per policy.

Horner and Operations Director Mike Watt are to continue as purchasing agents for 2013, with the authority to approve change orders up to 10 percent of the original contract award amount, not exceeding $25,000, with a follow-up report to the board during the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Board members’ appointments to committees and as representatives for 2013 remained the same with Willie Sammetinger appointed to serve on the Apollo Career Center Board of Education, as a representative to the Wapakoneta HIgh School Athletic Board and Parent Information Group.

McKinniss is to serve as a representative to the High School Athletic Board and Parent Information Group, as well as on the Finance Committee, Ron Mertz and Pat Gibson as members of the Education Facilities Committee and as student achievement liaisons, and Brent Schwartz as a member of the Finance Committee and as legislative liaison.

Board members met in executive session after the regular meeting for the purpose of appointment or employment of a public employe or official, with no action taken.