Parking spot painting project begins

Cassie Schoonover paints her spot
Deb Zwez

“If you’re reading this I’m late.”

That’s what Cassie Schoonover’s personalized parking space will read once she’s done painting the spot in the last row of Wapakoneta High School’s main lot off Redskin Trail. She was spending her 16th birthday taking part in this brand-new fundraiser for the football team.

She and a handful of other students who have “rented” their parking spot for a year were braving a hot sun Saturday morning to paint their designs onto their own spots. Renting the parking spots for the school year is the brainchild of Chris Talowsky, who saw the fund-raising idea on Facebook. The High School Football Parents Association is the sponsor of the fundraiser; the $40 fee helps supplement the fund the group uses to help pay for football camps, the team’s video, team meals and the end-of-the-year banquet.

“I saw this on social media and thought right away it was a cool activity that hadn’t been done here,” Talowsky said.

After a little back and forth with school administration and the board of education, Talowsky was...

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