Owner turns trash to treasure

Take a look into your garbage or recycle bins — to most, empty glass bottles or an overused box-spring mattress might seem like junk, but one shop owner has made a living out of repurposing what others might throw away.

Michele Shicora, owner of Relics in downtown Wapakoneta, described repurposing as turning “trash to treasure.”

“Something that someone would think was junk and turning it into something funky and cool,” Shicora said.

Relics customers will find lamps made out of world globes, dishes and coasters made out of old records, big letters sawed out of old literature books, and on and on.

Shicora described shopping at all the antique stores downtown as “the ultimate recycling.”

“Anybody can go to Walmart, anybody can go to Kmart or Lazarus, but when you’re doing it or buying it repurposed, it has more character,” Shicora said.  “Somebody has put time and effort into it.”

For a complete story, see the Tuesday, April 22, 2014, edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.