Otterbein resident, 102, founded U.S. Plastics

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

On Friday Sept. 15 Stanley Tan, founder of U.S. Plastics in Lima, will turn 102 years old. Also on Friday Lima Mayor David Berger will proclaim Sept. 15 as Stanley Tam Day for all that Tam has done in Lima and around the World.
Tam grew up in the depression, witnessed the racial equality movement, multiple wars and found great success in business and, according to Tam, has only one regret. And that was a bill that remains unpaid.
"I never expected to make it to 90,” Tam said in a recent interview in his apartment at Otterbein. 
Born in 1915, Tam grew up on farm outside of Lima. When Tam was 14 he was a member of the Boy Scouts.  Unable to afford proper uniforms Tam suggested the scouts sell products door to door. According to Tam, once the rest of the scouts in his troop had raised enough money for the new uniforms they were ready to quit selling the products. So Tam decided to buy the other boy's out and continue going door to door with his new business.  
"I was a farmer boy so I called farmers to sell the products." Tam said. "This one lady I knocked on her door and she said come on in. She was so kind to me. I asked her why she didn’t have an NRA movement sticker that was put out by the government during the war. She said it's too much like the mark of the beast she said. I asked what's that? So, she talked to me for two hours about Jesus Christ" 
By the time Tam turned 18 the Great Depression was in full swing and his family lost the farm and was forced to move into the city of Lima. Shortly after moving to Lima, Tam was hired to paint a sign that needed a hay wagon and ladders to reach. According to Tam, he was so scared of falling it took him two days to paint the sign that would have normally taken him one day. In fear of dying and sending his soul into damnation Tam made the decision to get saved. Along with his cousin Tam, he accepted Christ as his savior at church soon after. 
At the age of 20, Tam got into the business of reclaiming silver from X-rays . . .

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