Online Voter Registration Available

Staff Writer

As of the first of this year, Ohio residents now have the option of registering online to vote.
The online option is the result of Senate Bill 63 being passed in September, a feat that comes after years of work from multiple state entities to have it established.
“Instead of coming in (to the board of elections), mailing a paper one, going to your BMV and doing it, now you can just do it in the comfort of your home, you can just do it right online, as long as you provide ID information and things,” said Auglaize County Board of Elections Director Michelle Wilcox.
There are multiple benefits to online registration at both the county and the state level, Wilcox said.
“(Online registration will) just make it easier on offices, it’s cost-effective without all the paper trail and it’s good because of how much cheaper it will be and with the security of applying online now,” Wilcox said.
Wilcox herself actually had a hand in re cent efforts to push the legislation forward that allows online registration, as she is a member of the legislative committee for the Ohio Association of Election Officials. This committee gives input on proposed bills regarding election operations and voter rights and, to that end, works to help get bills passed.
Wilcox stands in support of the online registration option for multiple reasons.
“I think it’s a good thing because we’re moving forward with electronics and with doing things online and it makes the ease of being in the comfort of your home and being able to do it without going out,” Wilcox said.
It will also save the state a considerable amount of expense, Wilcox noted.
“It’s going to save our state millions and millions of dollars, just being able to do it and not doing it the old-fashioned paper way,” she said.
To register online, you can simply visit the county’s website at and then click on the “Board of Elections” main page link under “Departments” on the left side. Once there, you can click on the button that says “Online Voter Registration” to be directed to the appropriate webpage to register online.
Registering in person or via mail will still remain an option, as before.