Olde Tyme Grill closes shop

The Olde Tyme Grill on South Main St, Buckland has closed for business after 15 years of serving bologna and conversation.

“When I first got it, a lot of the clientele were old,” Owner Leann Rich said, noting her restaurant was a popular community gathering spot for decades, even before she owned it. “They had lived around here forever. Most of them are gone.”

The building was built in 1944 as “Sherm’s” restaurant, owned by Sherm Richardson. The name was changed to “Carolyn’s” and “The Round Table” as the restaurant changed hands throughout the years.

“When I was a kid, this place was packed all day and all night,” Rich said. “They had a jukebox and pinball machines for us kids. It was petitioned off, and on the other side they had pool tables and the old guys would sit and back there and smoke and drink beer and play cards.”

Rich described the closing of the restaurant as “bittersweet” because, while it is hard to let the place go, she said it is nice to not have to worry about business anymore. Rich said she will be open Saturday, May 24 to sell her kitchen equipment including the pizza oven, the grill, the fryer, along with cookware, dishes and the cash register to interested buyers.

While the restaurant is closed, Rich said she still opens up shop in the morning for 20 minutes for children to order pop or candy while waiting for the bus before school. Also, she said she will continue hosting the live music from 6-9 p.m. every Friday night.