NTPA tractor pull draws crowd

The Auglaize County Fair showcased the National Tractor Pulling Association’s Moon City Nationals in front of a packed crowd on Saturday night.
Drivers from around the country along with local drivers competed.
Ryan Salenbein of Maybee, Michigan won the Super Farm Tractor division with a full pull of 301.005 feet with Never Satisfied. David Whitney of St. Marys took ninth in Ground Force with a 300.495 foot pull. Jeff VanGelder of Begelow, Michigan took second (300.275). Scot MIller of Spencerville finished 17th (291.105) and Todd Schneider of Wapakoneta finished 18th (290.465).
Ryan Writsel of Orient, Ohio, won the Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks in Lucky Stryke with a full pull of 324.065 feet. Shane Slusser of Coldwater finished 16th (293.69) and Mike Whitney of St. Marys finished 17th (284.97).
Rob Foster of Fairgrove, Michigan won the 6,200-pound Modified Four Wheel Drive Trucks division with a pull of 303.305 feet, edging out Pete McKeeth of Galesville, Wisconsin (293.370).
Bret Berg of Farmington, Minnesota drove Money Maker to the 7,000-pound Modified Tractor division with a pull of 326.14 feet. Bob Jostock of Lapeer, Michigan, took second with a pull of 319.170 feet on Wild Child.