Nov. election critical: Jordan addresses local Patriots groups

One of the most important things on one Ohio legislator’s mind is the upcoming election — and putting the right leader in charge.

“I want people to know how critical the election is this year,” U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana,  told a crowd Thursday at the Auglaize and Allen County Patriots meeting and speaking on the upcoming presidential election pitting President Barack Obama against presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Looking ahead to the president campaign, Jordan quoted a verse in the book of Timothy in the Bible, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

The main goal when leading is to fight, finish and keep — fight the good fight, fight to the finish and keep the faith.

“The best days are ahead of us,” Jordan said.

With the “big” election coming up, Jordan said there are two parties that are fighting the good fight.

“Do you want to get back to principals that make us great in the first place?” Jordan said.

Jordan talked of a recent trip he made to Israel, where he listened to a speech given by the prime minister of the country.

“This was one of the greatest speeches I’ve heard,” Jordan said. “It was so powerful.”

While he was in the country, he said that it did not matter to whom he talked with, but when he asked what America can do for Israel, the prime minister and the people replied with “The best thing America can do to help Israel is to stay strong.”

“The world is a scary, dangerous place,” Jordan said, “but it’s a better place when the USA leads.”

Then Jordan went on to talk about the current administration and the leaders of the country.

“I would argue everything you are seeing from this administration is wrong,” Jordan said.

He used examples, such as taxes, energy and the fiscal matters.

Jordan said that the founders of this country set up government that entails if one wants to get something passed, one most get it through Congress and then signed by the president.

When he asked the crowd at The Grand Plaza in Wapakoneta if they were for voting for a new tax code, the attendees unanimously raised their hands.

“If it’s broken, get something new,” Jordan said. “We have to get back to a strong money policy.”

Jordan noted that a bad monetary policy is bad fiscal policy.

“We can’t spend more that we take in, and at some point we need to cut spending,” Jordan said. “We are going to have to get serious about this and we need to cut spending.”

One cannot change control in one election cycle. If voters elect in Romney then Republicans can take back the Senate, Jordan said.

“It’s important we keep working hard to elect the right person,” Jordan said.

With the election, Jordan said it will take time to get back to American principles.

“I’m excited for the election and I want to fight for these things that will put the country on the right path next year,” Jordan said. “Anything in our country takes time to get the ball moving in the right direction.”