Not everyone is happy about keeping refuse collection in-house

Deb Zwez

Wapakoneta City Councilman Rod Metz read the minutes of the Sept. 20 Utility Committee minutes — that outlined the committee’s recommendation that the refuse and recycling collection remain a function of the city — during Monday’s council meeting, which prompted Councilman Jim Neumeier to question procedure.

“Is this three-person committee going to decide what happens?” he asked.

Metz said city administration will be tasked with developing the ordinance that would change the collection rates as recommended by utility committee. That rate would rise $2, from $11 to $13, according to the recommendation; the ordinance would also include all rate charges for the refuse department, including dumpster rental fees, cardboard pickup fees and the new tote pickup fee schedule.

Neumeier said that’s not the way council usually handles recommendations from committees. He said the committee originates a motion recommending that legislation be prepared and council as a whole votes on that motion.

“We do it that way with finance (committee) all the time,” he said.

Metz said he could do it that way but Council President Steve Henderson asked that Metz...

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