New store plans to offer unique gifts

After participating in flea markets for six years, Mike Tingler was ready to open up a store of his own.

On Jan. 8, Tingler opened Endless Knives & Gifts, located at 105 E. Auglaize St., which is a store that truly does offer endless opportunities for gifts and personal purchases.

“I just get into more of this and that kind of stuff,” Tingler said. “That’s why I say Endless Knives & Gifts because hopefully it is endless.”

Tingler said he likes to get in new items every couple of weeks, and once the items start to feel down a bit he will get some more.

“I’m like a one at a time person, one thing at a time,” he said. “When I buy my knives I don’t buy two or three of the same, so if it’s here, it’s here, you better get it. It gives me more room for a variety.”

Tingler wants to cater to a variety of customers, not just men or hunters.

“I just want to have a variety so women can have something too,” he said.

In order to cater to the female demographic, Tingler does a little consignment work. In order for him to take it, it has to be something that is brand new, or something that is made. For example, he has some American Girl Dolls and accessories as well as wine bottles decorated with lights and similar gift items. For now he is fine with doing some consignment; however, Tingler is not sure how much longer he will continue with it.

For the full story, see the Wednesday, Feb. 26 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.