New salary table OK’d

Managing Editor
The Wapakoneta City Schools District is operating under a new administrative pay schedule and three hourly supervisors have been shifted to that salary-based schedule.
Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education unanimously approved a new salary schedule for “other administrators” during Tuesday’s meeting at Wapakoneta High School and moved Maintenance Supervisor Steve Heitz, Transportation Supervisor Dave Tangeman and Food Service Supervisor Lori McKean to the schedule.
“The reason we did this is those people are all entitled to overtime previously so from year-to-year based on district needs we would have a pretty wide disparity in what they made,” Superintendent Keith Horner told the Wapakoneta Daily News after the meeting. “For them it provides them with a little more security with what they will earn, and for the district it does basically the same thing by providing us with a little more budget security. We will no longer have those spikes.”
None of the supervisors’ responsibilities changed with the salary schedule. Their duties all fall under administrator since they are responsible for other employees and fill out expense and employee reports similar to other administrators.
Operations Director Mike Watt explained he took a three-year average of the three supervisors’ salaries and moved them to the corresponding salary in the new table. The three supervisors positions all start with a base salary of $50,597.
“Steve Heitz received a $2,000 cut from his average, while Dave Tangeman received approximately $1,000 more and Lori McKean received in the neighborhood of an additional $2,000 but we also added seven additional days to her schedule,” Watt said. “They have always been at a base salary with an overtime rate so they were being paid overtime after 40 hours.
“We did this to be more efficient with taxpayer dollars,” the operations director said. “According to the Ohio Revised Code, they are considered other administrators because they do evaluations just as other administrators do but they do not fall under a certified contract. Our attorneys told us this is the best fit for us and for them. This gives them the contract they never had before and a fixed rate salary that we can budget for no matter whatever comes up.”
Watt said there are times it will benefit them and other days it will benefit the district.
In the future he will recommend in the future that school board approve giving them a three-year contract instead of one year deal.
Due to a freeze in salaries, they will not see salary increases unless an across-the-board percentage increase. Heitz is currently at the top of his salary schedule, while McKean and Tangeman have approximately one more step.
Heitz is at step 15, which places his salary at $68,305, while the most Tangeman can make is $58,692 and McKean can make is $56,668 at step 15. Tangeman and McKean are not yet at step 15.
During the meeting, one board member commented on the change to help the budget.
“I see it as a win-win situation because of the budget,” board member Ron Mertz said. “If we get hit with a hard winter on the maintenance supervisor side, it drives our costs way up.”