New rules on the way for health board

The Auglaize County Health Department Board of Health met Tuesday morning for their monthly meeting.

Curt Anderson, the director of the environmental health department opened the meeting up with offering the board members an idea of new regulations regarding sewage systems.

He said there are going to be some new permit categories which should come into effect in May or June of this year. If not then they will begin at the start of 2015.

Anderson also mentioned that the seasonal water table needs to be adjusted. Seasonal water is the area below the surface of the ground where normally in the winter and early spring you can take a clump of ground and squeeze it together and get a little bit of water coming out of it.

Currently the water table is set at 12 inches, and after seeing how other counties are doing with a table set at six inches, Anderson believes six inches will be his recommendation to the board once the reset is necessary.

Most importantly, a new law is going to state that the environmental division find every home in the county with a septic system.

“We’re going to have to find every home, find the septic system, get information on them, potentially dig them up, take a look at them, mark them, develop a database and do some sort of a 1-5 year operation permit and some sort of inspection type policy,” Anderson said.

For the full story, see the Feb. 19 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.