New Ebay store in Wapak helps people get extra cash

A new store recently opened on Willipie Street is helping customers get top dollar out of items they decided to part with to make extra cash.
Melinda and Ritchie recently opened Just Stuff, which specializes in helping people get the maximum amount out of items they have chosen to sell on Ebay.
“I think a lot of it haas to do with the economy,” Rodney Ritchie said. “People are looking for a little extra money. They are taking their collectables off of the shelf or out of the closet.”
The Ritchies ask customers what they would like to get out of an item and then research it. They then get back with the customers and discuss if the amount they wish to get out of their items in obtainable. A picture is taken of the item and a description is typed out to accompany the Ebay post. Just Stuff then packs and ships the items and keeps a percentage of the sale.
The couple had sold items on Ebay for approximately 10 years as a hobby, and decided it was just time to take it up a notch and make it a business.
“We would just like to grow a little bit each year,” Rodney Ritchie said.
The store opened in early May and Rodney Ritchie said they have been “incredibly busy” so far. The store is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturday and Sunday. It is located at 11 Willipie St and can be called at 419-296-3524.
Rodney Ritchie said the business has been successful in helping customers get the most out of their items.
“Its nice to help someone out,” Rodney Ritchie said. “We are able to help them get a little bit more out of their items than they could have at a garage sale or from an antique dealer. We have a lady who has brought a few items in because her husband has cancer and the bills are eating them up. It is nice to help those kind of people.”
Glasswear and musical instruments, ranging from clarinets to bass guitars, have been some of the more common items that have been popular and brought in for sale currently. Some of the more interesting items have included a 1960s John Deere pedal tractor made by Ertl that brought in approximately $500, and a pair of Gerstner tool boxes that brought $100 and $1,000, respectively.
“Right now we are seeing a lot of glass wear,” Rodney Ritchie said.
The Ritchies also help in the sale of other popular Ebay items such as toys and vintage clothing.