Natural gas study to be conducted

WAYNESFIELD — Waynesfield Village Council members wanted guidance regarding bringing natural gas to the northeast Auglaize County village and the input proved to be overwhelming.
Village residents decided it is time to attempt to bring natural gas to the community, at least according to a questionnaire sent out to residents earlier this month.
Residents voted 208-to-38 in favor of spending the money for a feasibility study to bring the utility into the village after they were asked the question on their utility bill mailed out in early November.
Councilors decided to ask the question of residents before committing the $25,000 needed to do the study.
Village Administrator Fred Rowe told councilors at the October meeting that months of gathering information was finished and the time is now to move ahead with the project. The village is looking at about $25,000 to do a feasibility study in order to determine if it is beneficial to move forward.
Councilors had many questions before spending the money, but the problem is that most of the questions cannot be answered without the study.
No official estimates have been done and no studies have been conducted on installing natural gas lines in the village, however at last month’s meeting Rowe provided a ballpark figure of $3.5 million to complete the project.