Music and much more

While they still have two more performances on the horizon as the school year draws to a close, the nine seniors, who are members of Singsation saw the Music & More competition hosted by the  Wapakoneta High School as their their last hurrah and a culmination of four years of hard work.

The annual event is a change in procedure for the team. As a host school at show choir events, members of the show choir are assigned to each school in the competition to aid them in whatever they need during the competition. A total of 11 schools competed in the competition and kept the show choir’s senior members hopping.

Schools participating included Cory-Rawson, Garfield Heights, Mayfield, Nitro, two choirs from Noblesville, North Union, Riverdale, Teays Valley, Troy, and Twinsburg RB Chamberlin.

Gabe Coffey said the event is important in establishing an identity for the members of Singsation.

“We are presenting who we are as a group,” Coffey said. “It is who we are, what we are.”

During Music & More, members of Singsation serve as runners for their respective assignments, help them in their assigned dressing rooms, direct them to and from the performance area, and whatever else they may need.

One high school senior said there are friends to be made.

“It is like having an adoptive family for a day,” Paige Klopfenstein said.

Janki Patel said it is interesting to see how every show choir takes on its own “personality,” and the rest of the group agreed this group had definitely developed its own personality this season.

In show choir competitions, the groups perform in the day and the top groups perform later in the evening beginning with a clean slate.

Singsation never made it to the latter part of the day during the 2010-11  school year. This group made it to the nightly competition once this year in Ada, which contributing more than anything to defining this year’s group’s personality.

“I think the big thing is we know the true satisfaction of what it takes to get there,” Kelsey Barrett said. “Some groups make it there more often and the excitement wears off. We worked our butts off and making it to the final meant a lot. It made people start watching out for us.”

“It makes winning more sweet,” Klopfenstein said in agreement.

While all the high school seniors plan to go their various ways,  they all agreed they learned valuable life lessons along the way.

Coffey called it a “big confidence booster.”

Barrett said a person  learns to talk to a crowd when there is a lot of pressure on that individual.

“It builds a work ethic,” Klopfenstien said. “That is the reward you get.”

All agreed that being members of Singsation put things in perspective on how time flies.

“It all goes so fast,” Sarah Lawrence said. “When we were at the last competition it was slapping me in the face. It’s all over.”

The event’s organizer, Jenn Klaus, said a lot of work goes into the production of the event.

“We use the entire school for the event,” Klaus said. “We started getting ready on Thursday and the kids stayed after school on Friday to decorate.”

Klaus said the event is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Wapakoneta Choral Music Society (WCMS). The WCMS funds most of the school’s choir financial needs, with the majority of that going to the show choir.

“It is expensive,” Klaus said. You have costs for props, costumes, travel, and lots of other things.”