Museum debuts new technology

Experience Coordinator Greg Brown shows off the new touchscreen kiosk in front of the Gemini VIII capsule at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum. The interactive kiosk includes information, video footage, 3D models and diagrams of the capsule.
Staff Writer

While construction crews plow ahead outside the Armstrong Air and Space Museum, the staff has been busy working on a bit of a smaller project inside, which debuted this week.

Unveiled on Tuesday, the museum has installed an interactive kiosk in front of one of the museum's centerpieces, the Gemini VIII capsule, which carried astronaut and Wapakoneta native Neil Armstrong in a 1966 space exploration mission.

The kiosk, created with the help of Illumen Group–an e-learning software and programing developer based near Chicago–offers a trove of details regarding the Gemini Project and the harrowing Gemini VIII mission.

Covering everything from the ground crew to a step-by-step breakdown of the shortened mission, the kiosk, which features...

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