Monday is a day to discover

Mylee Kramer explores the Armstrong Air and Space Museum during last year's Day of Discovery
Staff Writer

While there is now some debate as to whether Christopher Columbus was the first to 'discover' North America, there's no doubt that young visitors to the Armstrong Air and Space Museum will make a few of their own important finds during the annual Day of Discovery on Monday.

This year's event focuses in on light and sound and their behavior both on Earth and in space and a number of activities are planned for the open-house style event to help explore the phenomena.

Olivia Nelson, the museum's marketing coordinator, says the activities will provide a unique and educational supplement to a typical visit to the museum.

"We want to heighten the museum experience on a day when they can really dive in, learn and discover while taking a self-guided tour and exploring the museum," Nelson said. "Although we're a museum and we have all of this information in the exhibits and visitors can learn about, we want to...

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