Miller's buys Sun Industrial

Sun Industrial Chemical Inc, a business that has been in operation in Wapakoneta for nearly 30 years, will be under new ownership beginning Friday. The company sold to Miller’s Textile Service.
“I’d like to thank all our customers, and especially Wapakoneta, for its cordialness and support over the many years,” owner Pat Koester said.
Sun Industrial Chemical has been providing commercial cleaning products and hygienic paper supplies in 12 counties, with Auglaize County and Wapakoneta serving as the main “hub.”
“We have sold the business primarily because of timing,” Koester said. “As an entrepreneur, an orderly exit from business is important.”
The business and services are being sold to Miller’s Textile Services, which Koester said will be capable of “maintaining and grow-
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ing Sun’s position under their direction.”
Miller’s Textile Service provides uniforms, linens, mats and other textiles and laundering services and is located in Wapakoneta.
Miller’s Textile Service President Robert L. Hager said his company has been a strategic business partner with Sun Industrial Chemical for nine years.
“The alliance was created at the time because it made sense for two local, independent small businesses to work together,” Hager said.
Hager said “next logical step” is to merge Sun’s business model into Miller’s Textile Services.
He said this will benefit customers from both businesses, including an expanded line of janitorial supplies for Miller’s Textile customers and the utilization of Miller’s Textile’s products for current Sun Industrial customers.
Hager said the companies have been working together to make necessary adjustments.
“The Sun Industrial inventory, sales, service and administrative functions are being relocated locally to the Miller’s facility,” Hager said. “Current Sun Industrial employees are in the process now of transitioning over to become Miller’s employees, and we are fortunate to have them becoming part of our team.”
Beginning Monday, all Sun Industrial Chemical products and services will be delivered under Miller’s Textile Service’s name.
“It has been a pleasure to work with Sun Industrial Chemical for these past nine years,” Hager said. “Sun Industrial customers can expect from Miller’s Textile Service the same quality products and services that they are accustomed to.”