Mayor's job could pay even more money

Deb Zwez

If the amended ordinance setting the salary for the mayor of Wapakoneta is approved after its third reading, the position will pay $28,000 per year — more than doubling the current $12,000 once the calendar reads Jan. 1, 2020.

Councilor Chad Doll introduced an amendment to the ordinance introduced Jan. 7 that proposed increasing the mayoral salary to $24,000 in yearly $3,000 increments. That increase, recommended by the finance committee, was passed unanimously. Monday’s amendment passed by a 4-3 margin, with councilors Bonnie Wurst, Rodney Metz and Jim Neumeier voting no.

Doll defended the amendment, having done a bit of comparative research after the ordinance was introduced. But his bottom line was the mayor’s position has evolved over time and the city demands more from its leader.

The mayor’s job is “dramatically different than it was before; it’s time to look at that job differently,” Doll said.

Neither Neumeier nor Wurst were convinced.

“I’m concerned about...

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