Low-income population served by area agency

Deb Zwez

They are officially known as the Council on Rural Services, but in Wapakoneta and Auglaize County, residents know the agency best as simply Head Start. And while the school-aged program is what is most visible here, CORS officials will assure you they are more than just Head Start.

Carin Somers, early childhood director of the agency, told Wapakoneta Rotarians this week that while CORS is committed to providing extraordinary preschool education programs, they also serve students of all ages as well as offer volunteer programs.

The agency’s mission, Somers said, is to provide a unique mix of learning and social experience to develop competence, motivation and behavior for a better life and a stronger community. They achieve their mission, she said, when the staff is able to develop partnerships in the communities they serve that in turn help...

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