Lorna Doones it’s cookie time again

Get your checkbooks ready, clear a shelf off in your cupboard; it is that time of year again, Girl Scout Cookie sale season.

On Friday, Girl Scouts will begin their door to door preorder sales, and Shonna King, Communications Manager at the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, said the cookie program is meant to teach the girls throughout the selling and delivery process.

“They’re learning business ethics, decision making, and so we really push that because we know these are skills the girls are going to need throughout their life,” she said.

Troops and individuals set goals for themselves based off of what they want to do during the year King explained.

“The girls earn badges for recognition. They earn money for their particular troops to go on different activities, so these are all kinds of motivations that girls use when going throughout the sale because they do set their own goals for themselves and their troops,” King said. “They want to accomplish those goals.”

Becky Puff, troop leader of troop 20062, a troop of Cadette Senior Ambassadors, said they have talked a little bit about goals for this year.

“Any girl who sells 250 boxes each will get to go to COSI, and the troop will pay for the whole trip, so that’s most of their goals is to hit at least 250,” Puff said.

COSI is an overnight camp-in in Columbus for grades first through eighth.

Puff’s troop consists of 11 girls, so if each girl reaches the goal of 250 boxes the troop will hit 2,750 cumulatively.

Being a leader for 14 years, Puff has seen the prizes from council get better and better.

“The last two or three years they’ve gotten a lot lot lot better,” she said. “Two years ago I believe you could win an iPod Shuffle.”

Puff’s daughter, Caitlin, had her eyes set on that iPod Shuffle and needed to sell 800 boxes.

“When we got to the end of the sale she was only about 50 away from 1000, so she sold the extras to get whatever the 1000 box prize was,” she said

The prize for 1000 turned out to be a portable D.V.D. player.

Prizes are a big motivator for the girls to get out there and make their sales.

For the full story, see the Monday, Jan. 6 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.