Longtime employee leaves Daily News

Since 1979, Nina Laney has been a fixture at the Wapakoneta Daily News. Today, she said goodbye to the only job she has ever known.

“I’m still going through the emotions of having to walk out that door today and then I’m done,” Laney said yesterday. “I’ve already started to get emotional. It’s going to be tough.”

In the 35 years that she has been at the paper, Laney has had a multitude of jobs.

She started out in the circulation department, moved to composing, where she took care of advertisements, then moved into the layout department. After that, she became the classified section manager. Finally, she was named printing administrator, a title she has held for almost 20 years.

As printing administrator, Laney was responsible for making sure the paper got out on time every day. She also worked with companies to create business cards and letterheads, and provided printing services for several weekly publications in Miamisburg, New Carlisle and Bellefontaine.

Laney grew up in St. Johns, a town just east of Wapakoneta. As one of six kids, Laney’s parents encouraged all their children to get a job by the time they were 16 so that they could start paying for things themselves.

For the full story on Nina Laney, see the Friday, March 21 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.