Local students compete in spelling bee

Local students who qualified for this year’s spelling bee at the Wapakoneta Middle School found the courage to show their study efforts this past year while spelling out words in the spotlight.

Tyler Shroyer, 12, won first place in the spelling bee, despite the nerves he faced while competing with his peers. His winning word, “bountiful” is now his favorite word, he said. “I’ve never been up there before,” Shroyer said. “I didn’t think I would win because of all the 7th graders.”

Shroyer dedicated his success to his mother and to his teacher, Mrs. Steinke, for helping him learn, not only to spell, but to understand the process of a spelling bee. “They made me feel like I was more than just a piece,” Shroyer said. “They made me feel important.” He said Mrs. Steinke helped his class to slow down during the spelling bees and gave them second chances if they did not understand the word given.

Because he did not make it into the school’s competition last year, Shroyer said he studied the word list better this year. For students who want to succeed in the spelling bee, Shroyer has some advice —

“Slow down — think the word through your head,” Shroyer said. “Spell the word in your own way.” See BEE, Page 6A Shroyer said anytime a word is given to him to spell, he repeats the pronunciation in his head the way he would speak it.

Guidance counselor Kristie Fisher said the students who place in the spelling bee will move onto the next competition, to be announced at a later date. She said the middle school holds their spelling bees early in order to give the winning students plenty of study time.

“It’s a big deal,” Fisher said. “The students look forward to this every year.”

For more information, see the Thursday, Dec. 19 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.