Local places third in FFA competition

Placing in the top three in anything at the state level is a once in a lifetime achievement for most.

A recent Wapakoneta graduate has done it in back-to-back years.

Tyler Armstrong, 18, placed third in the placement category in swine proficiencies during FFA competition.

Last year, the son of Candy and Keith Armstrong, placed second in the same category.

He said he had been hoping for first place, but he was still happy with the overall results.

“I was pretty happy about it,” Armstrong said. “It feels great. To place two years in a row, it shows I am doing the right things and people are noticing it.”

Armstrong was involved with FFA all four years in high school.

To qualify, a proficiency form had to be filled out and turned in to be considered for the award. Students had to keep a detailed record of the number of hours they worked and what they did during those hours.

Armstrong worked at the Klosterman hog farm on Burr Oak Road. In an average day, Armstrong would perform a variety of tasks including breeding, feeding, castrating, hauling manure, cleaning, giving shots, and tractor maintenance, just to name a few of his ordinary tasks.

“On the proficiency forms you had to show what you did,” Armstrong said. You had to keep track of your hours and spell out your goals and what you wanted to do in the future. You had to be able to show how you managed money.”

Armstrong said he has decided to make the agricultural field his profession, but he hasn’t narrowed it down to exactly what he wants to do yet. He plans to study something in the agricultural field in college.

“I haven’t decided on  school yet or what I would major in,” Armstrong said, “but I would like to do something in the agricultural field. I would like to do something in crop production.”