Local Marine surprises cousin

A 5-year-old boy thought it was just a normal day at his preschool until he was pleasantly surprised by his older cousin — Kevin Creviston, who he has not seen in two years.

Creviston, who is a member of the U.S. Marines and who has been in training in Japan, California and Hawaii for the past two years, surprised his young cousin, Michael Brown, who attends preschool at New Beginnings Early Childhood Development Center, on Monday afternoon.

“They wanted me to come and surprise him,” Creviston said of his family’s idea. “I’m excited to see him.”

The son of Tina Creviston and Kevin Creviston, who recently returned to the area from training, said he was not sure how his cousin would react, but was excited to see his expression.

After being dismissed from his classroom, Michael ran to his mother, Amanda Murray, who was waiting for him outside in the hallway.

After giving his mother a hug, she said, “Look who is here,” to Michael, and when he looked over and saw Creviston waiting for him on the other side of the hallway.

As Michael ran and gave his cousin a big hug, Creviston helped him take off his coat, to display his t-shirt, which read, “My cousin is a Marine.”

The two talked for a bit, as they shared their excitement.

Michael’s teacher, Paula Bordner, knew about the surprise, as she had planned it with his mother.

“Michael, isn’t this a nice surprise?” Bordner said. “You are lucky.”

“I am,” Michael said with a big smile.

When asked how it feels to see his cousin again, he gave a “thumbs up.”

Creviston and Michael  plan to hang out during Creviston’s short stay in the area, as he will be deploying to Afghanistan in May.